Giorgos Papandreou, pictured above is the Greek prime minister. Last night he “adressed the nation” over several IMF/economic crisis related issues.This pic is a screenshot taken off the frontpage of possibly the most “serious” Greek newspaper.

This photo is obviously put together by his communications consultants. Nothing bad there, every politician that takes themselves seriously should do it. I do not like the Apple product placement. Plain and simple. If not for any other reason, then just because it is not Apple’s brand perception that is ameliorated by coexisting with the Greek PM. It is the PM’s brand image that they is thought to be improved by building an association with Apple products. And that is just wrong.

In an otherwise brand free environment, the Apple stands out. Sure, mr Papandreou is sporting a watch – to keep track of his busy schedule – as well as a tailored suit but there is no visible branding on them.

The reason that this is wrong is that when a man addresses a nation as its acting Head of State, he represents its entirety and any partiality should be excluded. Sporting a corporate image the size of a Theodoros Pangalos’ head is very much partial.

Major fail IMHO, and what’s even worse, Apple didn’t even have to pay for the media coverage. In case that the PM’s consultants run out of product placement / brand association / visual communication ideas for the future here are a few suggestion that could help getting the creative juices starting to flow.

Fixed Gear G.Papandreou


Using fixed gear bikes and messenger caps should help Mr. Papandreou further establish street cred and connect with the much wanted early adopters, twitter evangelists, social media gurus, as well as hackney hipsters.

G.Papandreou running

george with his nikes

Including his favorite (possibly untrue) NIKE® TRIPLE CORE® GLSX MEGAPROPELATRON™ shoes in the frame, should convey a clear message that the Prime Minister is actually just back from the gym and therefore is really fit. Or about to go to the gym. Or just really up for the job anyway. Any job. Any time. Anywhere.

G.Papandreou loves having a good time & Greek products

the prime minister drinks mythos

What if selling olive oil to the chinese failed miserably? By including the PM’s favorite (might or might not be true) beer in the frame the message becomes clearer than ever. Mr Papandreou is having a party and you are all invited. If that was not enough, both sides would definetely be stoked by the new approach and brand alignment, as it would boost domestic sales for one side and greatly increase population morale for the other.

Sadly, the last sentence might be true.