I was very happy to see the latest PR stunt from good friends Kaos on behalf of Paul Frank. Kaos created those Paul-Frank-Bicycle-Film-Festival-branded bike seat covers, that they distributed around the city. I think this is a great example of Guerilla marketing that unlike many other examples of Guerilla Marketing works perfectly. Here’s why:

1) It makes great use of an existing infastructure ( bikes in London ). It doesn’t reinvent the wheel while trying to get its’ message across.

2) It is mobile. Bikes move around kind of thing. Get it? In that sense the message is not limited by location.

3) It leaves behind something of value that works as a business card at the same time. Sure, its’ monetary value is not high but aren’t you just tired of your old tesco bag? I know I am.

4) It is not offensive and in case someone gets offended – thinking of you Barclays – it is as easy to remove as one two three.

5) Last and most importantly, combined with photography that conveys the right message and a good PR network, it works great as a PR stunt. It’s not just a Marketing gimmick that’s gonna end up in industry blogs. It is something that will end up in mainstream media where its’ original message will be amplified.

This message reads: In celebration of the Bicycle Film Festival (13-17 October) at the Barbican Centre in London, Julius the Paul Frank monkey has been cycling around the city distributing seat covers for Londoners who love to cycle, but don’t love a wet bottom.