Deep Shallow Exposition is a new Athens based brand, founded by Central Saint Martins’ alumnus Elisabeth Leau. The product that it is mostly known for are sunglasses, handmade to a superior standard in its Athens based lab. DSE is one of the new Greek brands that I feel most confident about them going on and achieving great things in the future.


This is Elisabeth. She wears white. She is tall. She is cool.

First thing coming to my mind when hearing about Deep Shallow Exposition, was that it had a cool name for an optics brand. In my head, the name created a perfect connotation with photographic exposition and the functions of the camera lens, and ultimately light itself and seeing. The words Deep and Shallow, just blended well, creating a very contemporary name.

Although this mental image was probably created within the context of me seeing images of sunglasses, I was later on really surprised to find out that DSE actually stood for Deep Shallow Exposition of one’s self and that the brand’s masterplan was to include or was already including jewelry and other accessories in its collections. Nothing about light, photographic exposition and all that. Boy, was I crushed.


And here’s why I probably thought the brand was all about optics.

The brand obviously is still very young, in search for its definitive identity and strategy. I think that avoiding a few faux pas, it has some real potential in the optics market. Here’s why.

Identities are being formed by actions rather than intentions. Have I had no inside knowledge, as a consumer I would think that DSE is a very sexy optics brand. Since customer perceived brand equity is king, DSE should do it’s best to strengthen positive perceptions, rather than spread its’ interests across multiple product fields and confuse the market.


Product is super high quality, feels great to hold, is handmade in the EU, the name fits well, visuals are great. The product itself might be made in Greece, but it has a very contemporary and international feel about it, much like the worldly people behind it. Elisabeth herself has the right attitude, is very charismatic, sociable and naturally curious. It feels that she has the right tools for building quality products and creating a brand around them thus making them desirable. Of course this is only one side of the business as for the brand to achieve its full potential would need to establish a distribution network and possibly more concrete collections.

The product line has no clear cut star product, at least for now, and that is a good thing for what I think it can become. A super high quality sunglasses brand out of Athens Greece. A Greek Mykita if you would allow the comparison.